The kitchen is the heart of the home, and without realizing it, the countertops really set the tone. Therefore, one of the most dramatic changes you can make to your kitchen is with a countertop installation. If you’re thinking of a remodel, Calgary Granite Pros can help. We’re your Calgary countertops specialists, offering granite installs and replacement countertops in many different types of rooms and spaces.

Whether it’s just everyday cooking or even entertaining, we tend to spend a lot of our day in the kitchen. Countertops are a significant aspect of the room and tend to be the first thing people notice. They make a bold statement. Some darker countertops paired with dark cabinets can make for a contemporary look while lighter colors can make a kitchen look more open and light. Whatever you pick, it should reflect your style.

Kitchens are only a small part of what Calgary Granite Pros can do. We can also provide gorgeous granite for tubs and showers, fireplaces, and even stairs.

Granite countertops are not just about picking out a color. You can also customize the edges to give the countertop a dramatic look. From your basic square and round edges to a more step-like look going up or down, there are quite a few options you can choose from to really customize your granite.

Benefits to Having Granite Countertops

It is obvious that granite and quartz look spectacular once installed, but there are even more benefits to having a granite countertop other than its luxurious look. It is such a strong and sturdy worktop that you don’t have to worry about burning it with hot pots and pans or even cutting it. In fact, a granite worktop is so strong that it will actually dull your knives. Once a granite surface is sealed, it is also stain resistant. Spills are easy to clean up without the worry of leaving any stain or discoloration.

They are also completely unique to you. Of course, there may be similar styles, but the minerals in the stone make different patterns giving your worktop character. The colors will never fade, even lasting lifetimes. Finally, having a granite install can actually add value to your home, due to all its benefits and formal look, providing an excellent return on investment.


The color patterns of granite are near limitless. From dark stone to brighter granite and quartz choices, there is something to fit all styles. You can opt for something bright and bold with an exotic look or something more subtle. These are best viewed in-person to get the best idea of how it will look in your home. All of the stones have the same strong and sturdy qualities without the risk of fading. No matter what type you go for, you can be sure it will be a gorgeous addition to your home.


Your bathroom can look more like a spa sanctuary with a granite install. Instead of everyday tiles in the shower, go for granite stones to make a bold statement. We can even install granite around a tub, making it resemble an extensive spa more than anything. The vanity area can also be made to match the tub and shower with a granite countertop there too.

Having a granite install in your shower or bathtub wall surround has many benefits to it. Not only does it look amazing, but it is easier to take care of than traditional tiles. Tiles and grout can often get mold and mildew and cleaning it can be tough. With just a regular clean, you don’t need to worry about any of that with granite.


Having granite installed around a fireplace will really make it stand out. Whether it is just around the fireplace itself, or even a bold floor to ceiling look, Calgary Granite Pros can change that ordinary fireplace into a real statement piece that brings a bit of luxury into the home.

Granite fireplaces are easy to maintain due to the stone’s dense nature. It makes it very hard to stain but easy to clean with just warm water.

Not to mention that a granite fireplace can look like a piece of art when it is installed!


Turn that staircase into something elegant with granite. The stones make for a nice clean look and will be sure to impress any guests who come into your home. You can even have granite steps at the front of your home as well. They are easy to take care of, often more manageable than carpet and can last lifetimes with proper maintenance.

Why Calgary Granite Pros is Calgary’s Granite Specialists

At Calgary Granite Pros, we take pride in all the work that we do, even down to the smallest detail. We are experts in all types of granite and quartz countertops and installation. Our knowledgeable team knows the right methods in granite countertop installation, taking great care not to damage any surfaces.

We will make sure you end up with a dream granite countertop. We do this by listening to what your ideas for your home are. Because granite countertops can be customizable, it is important we get it to exactly how you want it. If you need inspiration, our experts will provide advice based on your best interests and budget. We will be sure to get all the appropriate measurements before arranging your new countertop, and always aim to stay on schedule for installations with a quick turnaround time. We guarantee that our customers are left happy with the entire process and end result.

Gorgeous granite will really make a statement in any home. Transform the look of your room no matter how big or small with a granite install from Calgary Granite Pros. Call us for a consultation to discuss how we can offer you a superior granite installation service.