Calgary Granite Pros are all about creating gorgeous new spaces with granite installs throughout the Calgary area. We take great pride in every detail of our work with an aim to leaving our customers completely satisfied with the new look, whether it be granite countertops, fireplaces, bathrooms, and more. From large projects to small ones, Calgary Granite Pros will deliver a fantastic service that leaves customized, beautiful, glistening new surfaces.

Our Team

At Calgary Granite Pros, we believe in providing nothing but the best service possible. We do this by employing skilled fabricators and installers who have a vast knowledge in all types of granite installs. We make sure not only the work carried out is to the highest standards, but customer service as well. You will notice this right away when you call our offices and speak with someone from our friendly team. We always take the time to listen to your needs, ask the right questions to understand what it is you are looking for, arrange a consultation at a time that is best for you, and carry out estimates.

Calgary Granite Pros is all about putting our customers’ needs first, especially due to the customizable nature of the countertops. Each job is based on what you want and what look you are going for, and we work to understand these needs from the first instance. We do this by asking a series of questions and having a consultation to see the area and make sure all measurements are precise before deciding on the best methods going forward. Have your own questions about the whole process? We are happy to help with anything, from what type of stone is best for you, to advice on how to maintain the new surface, and everything in between.

Need inspiration? Because we only have experts on our team, we can provide the best solutions for you based on your best interests and budget. We will take a look at your décor (or discuss what your decorating intentions are), cabinets, your style, etc. We’ll be sure to give our professional opinion but without the pressure. This is an entirely customizable investment on your part, and you should always go with what you want the most.

Why Choose Calgary Granite Pros?

Whether it is a large kitchen countertop or a smaller vanity, granite worktops can be a bold statement that adds a bit of luxury to your home and deserves to be seen as a work of art. It can be an investment that sees your house value go up as well. It’s important that every aspect is handled with care.

We believe that every detail is important, and no job is done right if corners are cut. This includes making sure the edges fit perfectly without any gaps. Although we take great care in every step, we still aim for a quick turnaround time so you can be left to enjoy your new worktop as quickly as possible. We will never leave a mess for you to clean up. Once we leave, your space should be ready for you to use.

The granite and quartz utilized by Calgary Granite Pros are only of the best quality. It is strong, sturdy, and stable, coming in a large array of colors and different style edges. We have samples available so you can have a better look instead of just relying on pictures, as the colors may not be an accurate reflection. We want you to appreciate the beauty of the granite and quartz for yourself before making a decision.

Calgary Granite Pros love working granite and quartz in a way that injects luxury into your home, and we are proud of the work we have already done around Calgary. Our goal is for you to also love your new granite surfaces, no matter what room it may be in. When our customers are satisfied, then we are satisfied. We would never leave a project that we weren’t entirely happy with ourselves.

Have any questions on Calgary granite installs? Give our friendly team a call to see how Calgary Granite Pros can transform your home.